Guest of honour 2023


Focus on the danube sailing options, DUNAPP!


The technology, which is now available to everyone, allows those on the road to be ready for the day, even minutes, to get real-time information, so instead of the now outdated guidebook and map design, we can travel much more freely, spontaneously, and in accordance with the current conditions. However, if these possibilities are already in place, why not apply them to water as well? After all, a river, including the Danube, is not only a magical body of water, but also a living, moving, changing organism, on the shores of which many adventures, discoveries and experiences await.

Where to go? What to watch out for? Where can we sail safely? Where should we end up, where should we refuel, where should we put our heads to sleep, and where should dinner, culinary heaven, await us? All this information already fits in your pocket as an application for your mobile phone: in the DunApp mobile app developed as a niche solution.

The aim of the appearance at the exhibition is to make the services provided by the application even more known to sailers and passengers alike, presenting and promoting both the Danube section in Hungary and the nationally available cultural programs, travel and excursion opportunities.

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On stage

  •  Ports on the banks of the Danube, roundtable discussion on danube docking options
  •  MAHAR hydrofoils on the Danube – introducing Vöcsök III. and Sólyom II.
  •  Jet opportunities – JETski alliance presentation
  •  By bus to the Danube – introducing the River Ride
  •  James Bond style on the Danube – Dunarama pleasure cruise
  •  Budapest sightseeing tour of the Danube – SilverLine presentation
  •  Danube Corso – sightseeing cruise ship – Mahartpassnave
  • Kayak tour on the Danube presentation
  •  Wildlife of the Danube – Ráckeve Danube Branch Fishing Association
  •  SPEEDBOAT RACE 2022 Dunaújváros, UIM GT-15, GT-30, F-500 European Speedboat Championship, 13-14 August 2022 Danube bank, Port Bay – experience report of the Hungarian Speedboat Association
  •  Settlements on the banks of the Danube, sightseeing guiders roundtable/presentation
  •  Presentation of port developments
  •  Danube water life roundtable
    • Prominent restaurant and accommodation managers along the Danube
    • The importance of water life and docking facilities
  •  Balázs Csobay (BRFK Danube Water Police) lecture
  •  Csaba Bede (OVF) lecture
  •  Roundtable discussion on wave protection

DunAPP presentation on the program island

  • Introduction to the usage of DunApp
    • Easily and safely allow the sailer to plan his water route on the home section, see the water hazards
    • Plan programs, find restaurants, accommodations, a marina – all with complete information
    • Information on locks and Danube border crossing points
    • Land route planning allows you to navigate to your destination even when leaving the port
    • Numerous discounts can be used by the user