The 31st Budapest Boat Show is over!
See you again next year!

22-25 February 2024

The exhibitors of the 31st Budapest Boat Show, Hungary’s largest land port, closed the exhibition with satisfaction.

More ships and shipping supplies were sold than in previous years.

The exhibition was a great success with DUNAPP!, the Danube navigation application developed as a gap-filling solution, which helps boaters and land users on Hungary’s largest river and its region with its versatile services.

The Budapest Boat Show once again placed great emphasis on the presentation of the latest innovations. Many interested parties were looking for this year’s winners of the Novelty Competition; developments launched in the past year could be viewed in one place.

The Budapest Boat Show, as an important boat meeting place, welcomed visitors with a colorful program offering in addition to the presenting companies. They were able to meet Gábor Rakonczay and Dénes Kemény on the stage of pavilion G; in addition, they were able to gain an insight into the work of the community of amateur shipbuilders.

The exhibition’s strategic partner in 2023 was the Hungarian Sailing Association and Balaton Boat Show, its professional patron was the Association of Shipbuilding Contractors, and its automotive partner was Audi.

Simultaneous events