23-26 February 2023

Participate in Hungary’s largest boat meeting in 2023 as well, where you can learn about the latest boat innovations and see the offer of the largest boat brands in one place!

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One month until the 31st. Budapest Boat Show!

Hungary’s largest inland port the Budapest Boat Show awaits visitors at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center.

This year’s event will feature nearly 50 exhibitors, 90 boats and 65 brands on an area of 10,000 square meters, from February 23 to 26!

It is not by coincidence that  the Hungary Budapest Boat Show, which opened for the 31st time, is called the largest inland port, since nowhere else in our country can so many boats be seen inland. Visitors can see and even tour most of the motor and electric boats of different brands, choose from equipment, services, or even clothing related to shipping, and also get the equipment they need for different water sports.

The exhibition places great emphasis on presenting the latest innovation, with this aim it has announced its Novelty Competition for the tenth time, so that the developments that have been put on the water in the past year will be displayed in one place.

As an important boat meeting place, the Budapest Boat Show awaits both the professional and the general public with a colorful program offer in addition to the introductory companies. On the stage, visitors will be able to discuss the challenges of sea sailing education, the accounts of Gábor Rakonczay’s expeditions, the exciting stories of Dénes Kemény, and the work of the community of amateur shipbuilders.

The guest of honour of the Budapest Boat Show this time is the Danube, focusing on the danube navigation options, the  DUNAPP! DunApp, developed as a niche solution, helps boaters and land-based passengers alike with its versatile services.

The Budapest Boat Show will once again be held in 2023 at the same time as the Travel exhibition, so visitors who want more experiences after touring Pavilion G can also visit exhibitors from nearly 30 independent countries and a tourist event with countless exciting programs and the Caravan Salon with the same ticket.

The strategic partners of the exhibition are the Hungarian Sailing Association and the Balaton Boat Show, its professional patron is the Association of Shipbuilding Entrepreneurs, and its car partner is Audi.


Between 3-6 March 2023, 27 thousand people visited the 44th Editionof the Travel exhibition and the 30th Budapest Boat Show exhibition at the Hungexpo Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center. One of the main lessons of the four-day event is that although the coronavirus pandemic has hit the tourism industry hard, domestic tourism and the desire to buy boats have been able to strengthen. At the event, visitors were able to see almost 100 boats. The guest of honour of the exhibition this time was Lake Tisza.

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