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Budapest Boat Show successfully closed

Budapest Boat Show the season opening event of boating and water sports in Hungary closed its gates with success. The event hosted 77 exhibitors showcased 116 different sailing yachts, electric and traditional motorboats, and countless accessories and services in the two pavilions to the 8.300 visitors. This year’s Budapest Boat Show presented a Hungarian and a World premier as well.

The event - also called the greatest land-locked harbour of Hungary – was planned to be organized together with Budapest Motor Festival, but after the cancellation of that event, Budapest Boat Show awaited the visitors by itself for the first time, with more yachts, boats and programs than in the previous years. The exhibition provides a comprehensive picture of the Hungarian boating related market, also, showcased the greatest novelties of the last year owing to the Novelty Competition. More: HERE

Program Island Generali Harbour Stage


The main theme of the exhibition is RIVER BOATING.


  • Boating on the Danube - small and large ships
  • Kayak-canoe tours, rowing
  • Boat trips
  • Aduld and children schooling
  • Training boats


  • Meeting point for the boat and water sport market, and venue for the exhibitors to show their products, services and novelties to the trade and the public
  • Professional day, when only the Budapest Boat Show awaits the visitors, ensuring the comfortable approach and parking during the day
  • Exclusice Exhibition Visit, where exhibitors can invite their most important partners and VIP guests

Sziget VIP Boat

In 2017 are awaiting the Szitizens again with the Sziget VIP Boat service to take them to the Island of Freedom in 10-15 minutes with luxury motor boats!

The Sziget VIP Boat operates on every day of the Sziget Festival from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., and awaits the passengers on two points of the city. The boats are arriving to one of the entrance points of the Sziget Festival from where You can get to the festival without queuing.

More information on Sziget VIP Boat service menu, or on szigetvipboat.com/en website!

BALATONFÜRED BOAT SHOW – A tradition was born

The first Balatonfüred Boat Show – the brand new summer opening boat and water sports event closed its gate with high success. 40 exhibitors showcased dozens of boats and shipping equipment for more than 1,500 visitors at Balatonfüred Shipyard Marina. More: HERE


Hungary's largest inland port get on water! The Budapest Boat Show presents the BALATONFÜRED BOAT SHOW in 2017!

The Balatonfüred Boat Show, the recent summer boot boat and water sports event of Balaton, in the capital of sailing, at Balatonfüred, waiting for visitors at Balatonfüred Shipyard Marina between 12-14 May 2017. The exhibition is the launch event of the season, and a meeting place for sailors, where visitors can view the new domestic and used ship supply, and they can try many water sports, such as kayaking, canoeing or SUP. At the exhibition will be also accessories and services for sailing and water sports, and all this in interactive form!


The exhibitors are received with high interest the event, so there are more than 40 exhibitors indicated their participation, with more than 25 sailboats, motorized and electric boats, and shipping-related services, accessories!


Beside the exhibited boats, the water sports get strong emphasis, introducing the electric and gasoline-powered surfboards, boats, kayaks, and other sports equipment, and also accessories. The following programs will be available to visitors:

  • Testing opportunities and presentations
  • Used Boat Fair
  • Home competitions
  • Training Ships
  • Kayak-Canoe
  • SUP
  • Flyboard presentation



The Budapest Boat Show and the Budapest Motor Festival were held together for the first time. The debut of the new pairings was very successful. Between February 23 and 26. almost 30 thousand visitors visited two exhibition at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Centre.


Hungary's largest inland port, the season-opening event of shipping and water sports in 2017 also showcases the domestic sailing, electric and motor-boat market, and as well as the related shipping services, supplies and equipment.

The Budapest Boat Show in 2017 will be held at the same time with the Budapest Motor Festival.
Professional site of the event got special attention. On the opening day of the exhibition only Budapest Boat Show waiting for the visitors. This professional day is a good forum for our exhibitors for dealing and networking to our exhibitors.

The main theme of the exhibition in 2017 is leisure shipping.

Those who introduces themselves related to the main themes got place at the Program Island.
The 40-square-meter pool provides an excellent opportunity for presenting accentual water sports.

Planned releases for the Program Island:

  • 40 m2 Show Pool
  • Interactive training for little captains - in a 8 metre motor yacht
  • Knot-tying and pitcher competition
  • Boating related skill competitions for 3D printed prizes
  • Professional and public programs on the stage


According to the domestic ship market’s needs the Füred Boat Show exhibition waiting it’s visitors between 12th and 14th May 2017 at Balatonfüred Shipyard Marina. Those exhibitors, who attend the Budapest Boat Show 2017, can participate the Füred Boat Show with 50% discount.


It was the second year, when with the support of Budapest Boat Show, the Sziget VIP Boat take its passengers to Hungary’s biggest festival.

Thank you for choosing us, we will see you again next year!