Hungary's largest inland port, the season-opening event of shipping and water sports in 2017 also showcases the domestic sailing, electric and motor-boat market, and as well as the related shipping services, supplies and equipment.

The Budapest Boat Show in 2017 will be held at the same time with the Budapest Motor Festival.
Professional site of the event got special attention. On the opening day of the exhibition only Budapest Boat Show waiting for the visitors. This professional day is a good forum for our exhibitors for dealing and networking to our exhibitors.

The main theme of the exhibition in 2017 is leisure shipping.

Those who introduces themselves related to the main themes got place at the Program Island.
The 40-square-meter pool provides an excellent opportunity for presenting accentual water sports.

Planned releases for the Program Island:

  • 40 m2 Show Pool
  • Interactive training for little captains - in a 8 metre motor yacht
  • Knot-tying and pitcher competition
  • Boating related skill competitions for 3D printed prizes
  • Professional and public programs on the stage


According to the domestic ship market’s needs the Füred Boat Show exhibition waiting it’s visitors between 12th and 14th May 2017 at Balatonfüred Shipyard Marina. Those exhibitors, who attend the Budapest Boat Show 2017, can participate the Füred Boat Show with 50% discount.


It was the second year, when with the support of Budapest Boat Show, the Sziget VIP Boat take its passengers to Hungary’s biggest festival.

Thank you for choosing us, we will see you again next year!


On the Budapest Boat Show between 18. and 21. february 2016, and the FeHoVa - Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition, the most significant Hungarian and international exhibitors were present. This year's event attracted a high number of visitors, more than 60 thousand visitors arrived to the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Centre.

On the 25th Budapest Boat Show more than 90 exhibitors showcased more than 100 sailing, electric and motor boats, and several connected accessories, equipment and services to the visitors. The event took place in two pavilions after a long period, and the main topic in the pavilions was the Summer Games of 2016 so the visitors had the possibility to meet the Olympic racing boat classes on the 540 sqms Program Island of exhibition. For the jubilee event a Show Pool was build again to host rowing and other water related programs, and also gave the opportunity to the youth to get on a boat. On the GENERALI Harbour Stage different professional and public programs were held and the exhibitors announced their new cooperations here.