Sailing in virtual reality

The Ocean Sailing SE is going to demonstrate the sailing in VR (Virtual Reality) at the Budapest Boat Show. VR is an effective and intensive educational device. The association has been successfully using it as a sailing education aidance led by Áron Méder since 2021.

Sailing in VR is a new platform to introduce the sailing to those who interested. This opportunity is also interesting for fully beginners, because in this way they can learn the basics of sailing in Virtual Reality. It also provides opportunity for more experienced sailors to learn and develop, since it is also possible to participate in races in VR.

VR offers life-like solutions, such as in the case of Finn dinghy, you can tilt the boat with your own weight. The weather is life-like too, because the wind changes often, just like at the Balaton.

Our brains are exposed to similar stimuli in VR sailing as in real sailing. The difference is that events happen faster in VR, and because of this a VR sailing competition is only 5-10 minutes long.

We get a short evaluation at the end of the race, especially about where we made a mistake and what we need to pay attention next time. Even the whole competition can be played again, and a lot can be learned from it as well.

Pre-registration for sailing in Virtual Reality at Budapest Boat Show is possible at this e-mail address:

March 3-6, 2022 (09:30 – 17:30) you can try sailing in Virtual Reality. For more information: