Guest of honour

Lake Tisza

We continue our tradition of introducing our visitors to the navigable waters of Hungary. In 2022, Lake Tisza will be the guest of honor at the Budapest Boat Show!

Lake Tisza, as the second largest lake in Hungary, occupies a special place in the hearts of boaters and water lovers. The former artificial lake, which is five times smaller than Lake Balaton but five times larger than Lake Velence, is now a real water paradise, taken over by nature, which is a wonderful and varied treasure of the country.

The lake, which has been in a deep sleep for a long time, has been revived in recent years and, as a result of developments on its shores and on its water surface, is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for nature and water sports enthusiasts.

The aim of the participation at the exhibition is to make the vicinity even better known, so that visitors can get to know the values of the landscape and its potential, as well as to see the real face of Lake Tisza, thus dispelling any misconceptions.

Lake Tisza, perhaps one of the most diverse water areas in the country, which, despite being originally built as a reservoir, is now a real attraction for ecotourism, a significant part of which is located in the Hortobágy National Park, thus enjoying nature protection.

On the water

Perhaps the most unique feature of Lake Tisza is that, taking into account the conditions of the area and nature conservation aspects, various watercraft powered by internal combustion engines can be used without restriction. This makes the lake a popular base for speedboats, water skiers and wakeboarders, but you can also find towed parachutes, banana and tube tugs and even jet skis are regularly used on the water.

For nature exploration and fishing, thousands of boats, ladders and other watercraft are available, and the required gear can be stored in nearly a dozen ports on the shores of the lake.

Sailing is gaining more and more emphasis with a total of more than 50 sailboats in the two basins of the lake, with a growing number year by year. In winter, ice sailing is also becoming increasingly popular on the frozen lake.

Among water sports, kayaking and canoeing have a great tradition, which are the most natural ways to discover the 127 km2 area, but in recent years, rowing and SUP have also become more common.

From 2020, thanks to MAHART’s investment, the range of boat services available on Lake Tisza expanded with a new opportunity and experience. Boating holidays, as one of the most important investments in the rise and awareness of Lake Tisza, was unexpectedly popular on the lake. Of the holiday boats for 6-8-10 people, 20 were put to work this year to provide a special opportunity for foreign and domestic guests to explore nature and the lake on a floating apartment.

Soon, another unparalleled development will start at Lake Tisza, as the Hungarian Kayak-Canoe Association will soon build the only lowland rafting track in the country.

On the shores

The shores of Lake Tisza are also developing in parallel with boating and water sports. In the last two years, 7 beaches have been renewed around the lake, thus providing the beachgoers with an even higher quality opportunity for recreation.

In May 2020, the Lake Tisza cycling road surrounding the lake has been finished. The safest bicycle path of the country offers a unique experience for children and adults alike. The 67 km long almost closed asphalt road around the dam provides a wonderful panorama for cyclists.

Connected to the water, other special attractions await those who are relaxing on the shores of Lake Tisza. Here can be found the largest freshwater aquarium and the largest fish ladder in Europe, as well as the only hanging canal in the country, the largest green hydropower plant in Hungary and the largest Aquaglide Water Playground in Central Europe.

Lake Tisza, as one of the most colorful water tourism regions in the country, awaits you with love and continuous development to discover its uniqueness, special atmosphere and unique water world.

We welcome all boaters to visit!