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Ticket prices

For online ticket purchasing please click here!

Tickets on the spot can be purchased with touch-to-pay bank cards or with HelloPay card.
If you do not have a touch-to-pay bank card, tickets can be purchased with a HelloPay card by following these steps:

  1. Get a HelloPay card at a cashier in Entrance Halls I or III.
  2. The HelloPay card can be used immediately to buy a ticket.

More: HERE

Daily tickets:

Please note that the ticket prices do NOT include the parking!

For 21 February 2019 (Professional day)

  • on the spot: 5.250 HUF
  • online: 5.000 HUF (+250 HUF service fee per ticket)

For 22-24 February 2019

  • with registration: 2.250 HUF (+250 HUF service fee per ticket)
  • without registration: 2.500 HUF (+250 HUF service fee per ticket)

On the spot:

Free entrance with boat driver licence on Sunday (24 February 2019)

  • daily ticket: 2.750 HUF
  • with boat driver licence: 1.000 HUF
  • family ticket (two adults with three children under 14): 5.500 HUF
  • afternoon ticket: 1.500 HUF (after 3 p.m. on 22-24 February 2019)
  • discounted ticket: 1.800 HUF (Children younger than 14 years accompanied by an adult, pensioners, students with student ID and persons with disabilities.)
  • student group ticket: 1.400 HUF (For a group with minimum of 15 students, in this case it is free for 2 accompanying teachers.)
  • for inhabitants who live in the 10th district: 1.400 HUF (evidence document of your address is needed)
  • entrance is free for children under 6 years.

It is possible to buy tickets with OTP SZÉP Card in the Entrance Hall 1. and 3.

Hungary Card owners are entitled to buy tickets on 22-24 February 2019 (public days) with 50% discount two times for two people or one time for four people. The discount will be deducted from the full-price daily ticket.

One ticket can be used once, and is valid for TRAVEL exhibition held simultaneously.